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E Challan Hyderabad: Challan is the official form or another kind of document, a piece of paperwork, citation. It is a way of crediting the money to one’s bank account through a form. It is used as a receipt for payment or delivery.  E-Challan is the electronic format of Challan.E Challan Hyderabad - Pay E Challan Hyderabad @ echallan.org

An E-Challan can also be defined as a specific format used for depositing and remitting the contribution and statutory payment at a bank or treasury. As the name indicates electronic it means that we can pay through online. While paying E-Challan, make sure that you have stable Internet Connection. It means that we are paying to the government through the bank.

Before E-Challan was introduced the payment mode is cash. When the people are violating the rules and regulations provided by the Central Government and the State Government they need to pay the fine in cash and the Traffic Police would note down the Vehicle Number and details of the person.

This the long process and the record is maintained. This also leads to corruption. The Central Government and the State Government came up with the wonderful initiation in order to stop the corruption that is E-Challan. The fines are paid through online if any person is violating the rule.

The government has increased all the fines and released the chart list. The chart list consists of different fines for different violation of rules. Increased in fines because at least the people would not do that. The  Driving License is given to the individual if he/she has the required age applying for the license.

The license is given by the driving test. This is done because to save the lives of an individual.

The Challan is paid through any other online payment mode or E-Seva centre. If you have any fake bills then you can cancel from the official website easily as the option is available for every user.

You can also download the app for E-Challan where you must add your username and Password. If you don’t have an account create an account and enter the related information provided by the app.

E Challan Hyderabad:

E-Challans are issued only for some of the traffic violations which are mentioned below:

  • Over Speed.
  • At No Parking Area.
  • Stop line at traffic Signal.
  • Wrong U-Turn.
  • Wrong Side Driving.
  • Incorrect Plate Number.
  • Inappropriate Number Plate Design.
  • Vehicle Insurance(Newly added).
  • These are the main violations under which violators are charged through the E-Challan in Hyderabad.

Cyberabad Traffic Police came up with a new update integrated the E-challan system with the database and to check the records of the person if they are any pending Challans to be paid. It can also check whether the vehicle insurance is renewed or not. The Hyderabad Police will have a record of every person as these are connected to the database which gives the evidence of all automobiles and Challans issued to the particular person.

All these violations come under “Motor Vehicle Rules And Act” Violation and also all violations come under the one single act.

Issuing E-Challans:

Traffic Police issues E-Challans when any one of the people is violating the rule and it is done  in any one of the  two ways:

  • The first type is automatic, the E-Challan is generated by the Investigation cameras which automatically takes pictures of the vehicles who violate the rules.
  • The Second type is manual,  it is generated with the help of Digital cameras where the traffic police take the pictures of the vehicles who violate the rules.

Follow the steps to pay E Challan Hyderabad:

The E-Challans are paid if any person is violating the rule. The rules are made for the betterment of people. The government is providing different signs to understand what to do while driving. If the people are violating it then they should pay the challan.

In order to pay E-Challan:

  • Open any browser and type the official website of e-challan
  • Then you will get the homepage where you need to enter the details of the vehicle.
  • In that homepage, you will find four fields which are needed to be fulfilled one after the other.
  • In the Vehicle Number field:                                                                                                                                                        Enter your vehicle number and enter the given  New Captcha and then click on “GO”.
  • In the License Number field:                                                                                                                                                      Enter the license number and enter the New Captcha and then click on “GO”.
  • In the Aadhaar Number field:                                                                                                                                                       Enter the Aadhaar number and enter the New Captcha and then click on” GO”.
  • In the Traffic Penalty Points on License field:                                                                                                                          Enter the license number and Date Of Birth and New Captcha and then click “GO”.

E Challan Hyderabad – Registration for Violation Alerts:

If you don’t have an account then create an account in the official website of the e-challan:

  • Go to the official website
  • Enter the Username.
  • Enter the password.
  • Enter the Vehicle Number.
  • Enter the Mobile Number.
  • Enter the valid e-mail address.
  • Enter the “Register” button.
e-challan registration
e-challan registration

Payment Modes:

  • You can know the status of the e-challans and any pending e-challans from anywhere by visiting the website. By entering the Vehicle registration number and license number.
  • You can select the e-challan and then select the mode of payment like AP Online or Net Banking or E-Seva.
  • One must remember that you need to read the instructions carefully before paying the e-challan.
  • Select the payment gateway at last as choose required bank which you have and pay the total amount to form the banks ICICI banks and State Bank Of Hyderabad.
  • You will get the reference number which will be useful for future and enter the valid email address, enter the card details and submit the form.
  • You can also pay through the app.
  • This is the procedure for paying E-Challan Hyderabad.
  • You can pay the e-challan only through ICICI and SBI banks. If you are using any other accounts it is better to pay the cash to the E-Seva administrator.

Hope E Challan Hyderabad helped you. Drive Slowly and have Safe Future. Thank you for visiting our website and keep in touch to know the updated information.

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