E Challan Vijayawada

E Challan Vijayawada


E Challan Vijayawada:

E Challan Vijayawada: Challan is the official form or another kind of document, a piece of paperwork, citation. It is a way of crediting the money to one’s bank account through a form. It is used as a receipt for payment or delivery. E-Challan is the electronic format of Challan. An E-Challan can also be defined as a specific format used for depositing and remitting the contribution and statutory payment at a bank or treasury. This E-Challans are introduced to pay the fines online with the help of PDAs on the roads.

The State government has moved to E-challan in order to stop the corruption. The E-Challan is paid when any one of the people violates the traffic rules. This E-Challan provides an easy environment to pay the fine. E-Challan is the spot ticket issued to a person when violates the rules. The E-Challan is automatically generated when the person is caught by the camera and it is sent directly to your home address or into bike registration portal. They also provided with the option that you can check the status of the Challans.

E-Challan Violations in Vijayawada:

If the person is violating the rules and regulations which are formed by the state government they need to pay the e-challan. Some of the E-Challan violations are as follows:

  • If you park your vehicle in No Parking Area.
  • If you cross the speed limit.
  • If you cross the Stop Line at Traffic signal.
  • If you drive on the wrong side of the road.
  • Wrong Number Plate.
  • Wrong Number Plate Design.


Registration for E-Challan Vijayawada:

The State government has designed to save the lives of an individual. One’s life is precious. There are many signs for the people to understand what to do while driving. In order to pay the E-challan, you need to register through online. The following are the steps to pay the amount:

  • Open any browser on your device and type the official website of the e-challan
  • Then the homepage will appear on your screen where you need to enter the details.
  • Enter the Vehicle Number of your vehicle.
  • Enter the Captcha which is displayed on your screen.
  • If you cant read you have an option to called refresh.
  • Click on “Search” button.
E-Challan Vijayawada
E-Challan Vijayawada
  • If you are done with that, then you can see if you are issued with any of the E-Challans.
  • Then choose the e-challan which you had to pay and click on proceed to pay the amount.
  • Choose the required gateway and enter the card details.
  • Make sure that you have the stable internet connection.
  • Enter OTP which is sent to your registered mobile number for E-Challan.
  • If your OTP is correct then you will get the message after successful payment.

Payment Modes:

The one who breaks the rules of government must pay the e-challan compulsorily. The E-Challan is made in any one of the following modes:

  • You can pay the amount through the official website of Vijayawada. You can log in from any device like a Computer, Laptop, Tablet.
  • You can pay the amount in cash directly to the Me-Seva administrator.
  • The special platform which also supports e-challan online is Paytm App.
  • Check the nearest AP Center to pay the e-challan.
  • The government also provided an app to pay the amount which can be installed in your mobile phones.

Make sure that you have Internet Connection while paying in any one of the modes. So that you will not find any issues while paying the amount in online.

Hope you go to know the process to pay the E Challan Vijayawada. Have a safe journey. Stay Connected for more updates.


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